VAWC Members are supporting themselves and building the co-operative economy through the VAWC Interco-operative Development Fund. Modeled after Italian co-operatives who wrote a regulation that all co-ops must contribute 3% of surplus to co-op development, VAWC Member Co-ops are using times of surplus to support times of need and opportunity.The VAWC Fund is making impact regionally and nationally, adding the voice of labor to financing:

• VAWC’s Fund has over $35,000 invested in two co-op loan funds: Shared Capital Cooperative and the Cooperative Fund of the North East

• Revenue from the Fund is for annual educational scholarships and conference attendance for VAWC Member Co-ops

• VAWC has issued four direct loans to members to fill need, including Collective Copies and Flat Iron Cooperative, lowering interest and fees for worker co-ops in our system

• VAWC has supported a number of worker co-operators joining boards of loan funds to broaden the connection and information exchange of finance with the voice of labor

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