VAWC’s vision relies on all co-operatives working together, participating in the spirit of the 6th Co-operative Principle – Co-operation Among Co-operatives – to build a co-operative economy for all. We rely on our local, regional and national co-operative organizations to inform our role in larger contexts in and across co-op sectors.

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Organizational Affiliates

Boston Tech Collective – a tech support worker co-operative serving personal and commercial business – Boston, MA

Bob Gardner – CPA and former worker/member CommonWealth Printing

Green Mountain Spinnery – a worker co-operative spinnery

PV Squared – a worker co-operative photovoltaic installer

River Valley Co-op – a full service, community owned food co-operative where everyone is welcome – Northampton and Easthampton, MA

Phillippe Rigollaud

Suzette Snow Cobb – Sourcing Coordinator, Neighboring Food Co-op Association

Organizational Associates and Partners

Organizational Associates and Partners are individuals, businesses or organizations who contribute to our activities in support of our Mission and Vision.

Collaborating Organizations

We are proud to work with the following co-ops and support organizations in our work, advertising, education and more to meet our common goals:

Co-operative Fund of the North East – Investor

Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy

Grassroots Economic Organizing

River Valley Co-op – Member

Shared Capital Co-op – Member, Investor

UMass Co-operative Enterprise Collaborative – Cofounder

United States Federation of Worker Co-operatives – Federation Partner

Valley Co-operative Business Association – Co-founder and Board Member