About VAWC

What makes us a secondary co-op? Click the chart to find out.

The Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives is rooted in the ideals of co-operation, mutuality and solidarity. VAWC is itself an expression of co-operative principles — a “co-op of worker co-ops” that have come together as a means of strengthening the efforts of our individual co-ops to develop their businesses, serve their members, and contribute to the wider co-operative economy. Our core goal is to provide ourselves with the resources and support we need to advance our co-operatives, empower our members, and benefit more people in our communities.

To see our recent activities read our most recent Annual Report.


Here are some favorites resources on worker co-ops:

  • Building Co-operative Power explores strategies from the Connecticut River Valley as a guide and inspiration for developing a regional co-operative economy based on a vibrant and engaged worker co-op sector. It speaks directly to obstacles and opportunities for making worker co-operatives an increasingly important part of the U.S. economy. The authors relay practical insights on co-op governance, communication, conflict and inter-cooperation. These are highlighted by cautionary tales and sagas of personal transformation.
  • To learn more about VAWC and co-op led development we encourage you to read Erbin Crowell’s Masters Thesis on VAWC Exploring Co-op Led Development.
  • No Bosses Here – A Manual on Working Collectively – by Vocations for Social Change. A 33rd anniversary re-print by Levellers Press of this perennial manual. Table of Contents includes: Starting a Collective; Decision Making; Dividing of Collective Work; Dealing with Feelings; People Issues: Hirings, Firings, Leavings and Salaries; andthe movement and Social Change.
  • Worker Co-op Tool Box from Northcountry Co-operative Foundation: A free pdf download of a guide in which two VAWC Member Co-ops are case studies.
  • Look at VAWC’s Structure Chart to learn more about how we operate and what makes us a Co-op of Worker Co-ops.