Certificate in Cooperative Enterprise

Cooperative Curriculum written by cooperators and educators

In partnership with the Economics Department at UMass, Amherst, and the Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) on the Certificate in Co-operative Enterprise. Made up of curriculum focusing on the co-operative model and internships with NFCA or VAWC co-ops, the Certificate is a one-of-a-kind program for undergraduates to experience co-operation first hand. We have reached hundreds of students over dozens of courses in more than a decade of partnership in this Certificate and our members have had dozens of interns supporting their work since 2010.

David Li, intern at Collective Copies, showing his success in completing a print job requiring 10 boxes to deliver. 

Recent Internships

A pillar of our Certificate program is an internship that capstones their experience. The program has seen more than 50 interns who have “on the floor” labor experience as well as a research project supporting their host co-op. Here are recent interns with VAWC and VAWC Member Co-ops:

  • Dylan Hatch, 2023
  • David Li, 2022
  • Stephanie Mullin, 2020
  • Chloe Rattanavong, 2020
  • Sasha Khakhar, 2019
  • Marc Maren, 2019
  • Emily Salesky, 2019
  • Chris Diaz, 2018
  • Jack Fischer, 2018
  • Michael Ruther, 2018
  • Joe Chernak, 2017
  • Nora Landers, 2016
  • Joshua Hernandez, 2016

Intern Marc Maren designed an infographic showing how our VAWC Fund is Working for A Co-op Economy.