VAWC Members are supporting themselves and building the co-operative economy through the VAWC Interco-operative Development Fund. Modeled after Italian co-operatives who wrote a regulation that all co-ops must contribute 3% of surplus to co-op development, VAWC Member Co-ops are using times of surplus to support times of need and opportunity.

The VAWC Fund is making impact regionally and nationally, adding the voice of labor to financing. 

• VAWC’s Fund has over $35,000 invested in two co-op loan funds: Shared Capital Cooperative and the Cooperative Fund of the North East

• Revenue from the Fund is for annual educational scholarships and conference attendance for VAWC Member Co-ops

• VAWC has issued four direct loans to members to fill need, including Collective Copies and Flat Iron Coffeehouse, decreasing interest and fees

To find out more about the VAWC Fund or to support it, contact us: