VAWC serves worker co-operatives in Vermont and western Massachusetts. Whether your co-op is 40 years old, just converting or still in the visioning phase, we are here to support you.

We are a co-op ourselves, owned and controlled by our members, who have one-member, one-vote democratic control over VAWC just like individuals have democratic control over their co-ops.

We would happily speak with you about what we do and joining our co-op of co-ops. We invite you to contact us: or at 413.268.5800.

What do we do?

VAWC builds and communicates the voice of worker co-operation in  our region. Our cornerstone activities are Peer-to-Peer support, education, development and protecting the co-op identity. We also work leverage our resources for legislative engagement, financing, business opportunities and marketing to make sure the unique structure of worker co-ops is seen and reaches its full potential.


We have supported nine conversions from traditional businesses to worker co-ops – including Oxbow Design Build and Real Pickles. We have everything from articles of incorporation and bylaws to marketing and governance support tools and we are always happy to share how we’ve supported a co-op economy in our region. Are you a prospective conversion or a current one? Contact us: or 413-268-5800.

Start Ups

VAWC supports new co-ops, as well, like The Hive Makerspace in Greenfield, Massachusetts. We have tools unique to start ups as well as all the support mentioned above for conversions like incorporation and bylaws, marketing and governance, and connecting you to the world of co-operation.

VAWC Activities

Aside from supporting co-ops from idea to reality, VAWC centers and spreads the message of co-operation in our region and beyond. Through a co-op led venue, co-operators access and direct our staff, board and resources. We have education for members and the public, have relationships with co-op lenders as well as our own fund. We work with legislators and partners to advance worker co-ops in municipalities and our states and fight to protect the co-op identity.

Please see our Annual Reports for details and contact us for more.

We invite you to contact us: