Our Vision and Mission

We envision a co-operative economy where one can live an entirely co-operative day: An economy built on workers’ self-determination and freedom of action and association; An economy of breadth and depth that puts working people in control of their economic destiny while serving their communities in accordance with the co-operative values and principles.

The Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives is dedicated to building a sustainable local economy by facilitating the growth and development of worker co-operatives in Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont. To realize this, we will:

1. Provide support for our members. This includes maintaining and sharing information relevant to worker co-operatives, providing technical and organizational assistance, offering joint marketing and promotional services, developing group benefits, improving access to financial resources, strengthening ties between worker co-operatives, and developing relationships with other segments of the co-operative/labor community.

2. Develop new worker co-operatives and offer mentoring and skill-sharing to those developing worker co-operatives.

3. Promote worker co-operatives in our region. This includes educating and developing community awareness of worker co-operatives as sources of meaningful employment and economic empowerment, providers of quality goods and services, and viable alternatives to conventionally owned and managed businesses.