Co-op 108

Really great products, made by good people

Does the world really need another skin care product?


Probably not, no. But we were making this stuff for ourselves, anyway- with really high quality ingredients, local & organic whenever possible & never any synthetics (after all we’re putting this on our bodies!).

We make products for baby care, mama care, skin care, tattoo care and more.

We were also determined to start a company that, as an employee-owned cooperative, would set an example of ethical and socially progressive business practices. We’re not doing this to get rich. We’ll never sell out (take that, Estee Lauder!).

Our Bon Voilage line of body oils

We’ll keep on making our products in small, hand-made batches, in a nice little studio in western Massachusetts, in the company of our good friends and with the belief that a better world is possible. And if maybe we make some money in the process, and moisturize your skin and make you smell good, then so much the better.

How to reach us: po box 108 | haydenville, ma 01039 | 413-575-3705 |

For more information about us and our products visit our website.